KFC Add Hope commemorates World Hunger Day – with Rise Against Hunger!

Hunger is one of the timeless challenges humanity has faced throughout its history. One might have hoped that well into the 21st century, such a challenge would have been overcome, but recent events have only exacerbated the problem. And the statistics don’t lie.

Globally, around 820 million people do not have enough to eat, and hunger ratios in this country are on an upward trajectory. Estimates suggest that on average 40% of South Africans, and one in five children, go to bed hungry every night and recent market and natural events has meant that those on the cusp, and those facing food insecurity, have become even more vulnerable with this number fast rising.

“The pandemic-driven lockdowns led to tens of thousands of job losses in South Africa alone,” says Andra Nel, Brand Purpose Manager at KFC. “When coupled with the overwhelming unemployment statistics we already faced and rising inflation which has led to a shortage and an increase in the price of many staple foods – hunger has become a massive challenge. And although the struggle against hunger is not a new one, it is clear that with the country’s economic climate worsening, jobs being lost and livelihoods threatened, action must be taken to help those in need.”

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