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Meal Packing Events

A Rise Against Hunger meal packing event is a hands-on corporate or volunteer experience where participants work together to assemble highly nutritious meals specifically formulated to meet the needs of children facing hunger in South Africa. Our meals consist of rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables, and a blend of essential vitamins and minerals. Participants work in a production-line style to package the meals, which are then distributed by us to ECD’s across the country.


Adopt an ECD

There are various ways to get involved with our Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs). The first is to sponsor the meals provided to an ECD for a fixed period, these meals can be packed  in-house with your staff or packed up at by Rise Against Hunger Africa. The second is to sponsor a micro-garden at an ECD of your choosing, your team can plant and oversee the progress, alongside us, going forward. Once a relationship has been built between your business and an ECD, there will be various opportunities to get involved and make an impact in the future. 

Rise Against Hunger ECD

Host a Campaign

Allow our team to help plan and coordinate a personalised in-house campaign that is both strategic to your business goals, as well as to your social responsibility goals. Alongside your team, we will plan activities that are both suitable to your audience and your available budget. 

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Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a charitable giving program that allows employees to make regular donations to a charity of their choice directly from their pre-tax income. Also known as workplace giving, this program is usually offered by employers who deduct a specified amount from the employee’s paycheck each pay period and send it to the chosen charity. This type of charitable giving provides a convenient and tax-effective way for employees to support their preferred charities, while also enabling charities to receive regular and reliable donations. Payroll giving can benefit both employees and charities by supporting important causes and promoting a culture of philanthropy in the workplace.


Donate Now

Feed a child for a month at just R62. 

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